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Brand Vision: a world-class cosmetic packaging brand
Brand positioning: Middle to high-end cosmetics packaging brand
Brand CoreFashion, creation

Brand sloganPackaging Beauty, Xingu creates

Brand concept
XinGuconsiders consumers as the true owners of the brand. For consumers, the brand represents a promise. Only to honor its commitments to work with consumers to form a seamless communication and sincere recognition, only accepted by consumers, a "trademark" could become a real brand.
XinGu believes "creativity" is not an arty slogan, but a brand ideal covered rich connotation of humanized product design, perfect technology, and honesty represented for the cultural values.  A valuable packaging brand, it not only dedicates high taste, high quality products to customers, but can make customers happy. This is the value of the brand.
XinGuknows that brand building is a long and arduous project. Therefore, the XinGu people constantly strive for perfection with persistent attitude, and offer more perfect products and services with their own efforts to customers, to make "XinGu" brand become all’s intimate partner.

For ideal, we will Work continuously; for ideal, we invite you to work together.

Packaging Beauty, Xingu creates

Xingu staffs hope more friends to know Xingu, to accept Xingu’s culture, to use Xingu’s products and enjoyXingu’s perfect goods and services.

sincerespecialtyspeedysatisfied, super